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Cleaning Micro Fibre Cloth

A large micro fibre cloth to safely clean musical instruments, antiques, pianos, television and computer screens. Micro fibre cloth is commonly used for cleaning sun glasses, reading eye glasses, cameras, mobile phones, ipods and other screens of small electronic devices. Includes a 4 colour digital logo for free on one side. . Dimensions: 350mm w x 298mm h. Digital Print: 350mm w x 298mm h.

Micro Fibre Laptop Screen Protector

A micro fibre cloth to be placed between the screen and the keyboard of a lap top computer. This will reduce scratching while transporting the lap top. The micro fibre cloth can also be used to clean the computer screen as well as providing protection. . Dimensions: 295mm w x 205mm h. Digital Print: 295mm x 205mm.

Micro Fibre Pouch and Cloth

A micro fibre pouch that contains a blank micro fibre cloth. The micro fibre cloth can be detached from the pouch and can be used for cleaning sun glasses, reading eye glasses, cameras, mobile phones, iPods, computer screens, television screens and any LCD screens. Includes a 4 colour digital logo on the pouch for free. . Dimensions: (pouch) 63mm w x 63mm h (cloth) 152mm w x 152mm h. Digital Print: (pouch) 63mm w x 63mm h.

Micro Fibre Sunglass Pouch and Cloth

A carrying case made of micro fibre material to carry and clean sun and reading glasses that also contains an attached blank micro fibre cloth. The micro fibre material will protect against scratching the surfaces and the attached micro fibre cloth can be used to safely clean off excess dust and dirt. Includes a 4 colour digital logo on the pouch for free. . Dimensions: (pouch) 82mm w x 203mm h (cloth) 152mm w x 152mm h. Digital Print: (pouch) 82mm w x 203mm h.

Pocket Glasses Cleaner

Material: ABS Description: Includes 13x13cm sized lens cloth. 9x4.5x0.8cm. White | Transparent Red | Transparent Blue.

Touchscreen Waterproof Mobile Pouch

1. Clear plastic allows you to use your mobile directly. 2. Protect your mobile from water damage. 3. Designed for touchscreen use for smart phones. 4. Three closures that fold down and a Velcro closure at the top. 5. Adjustable neck string. 9.6x18.5cm. Red | Blue.