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Smart webcam cover

Whenever you are using devices with a built in camera, there is a risk that someone is secretly spying on you. Do not take this risk! To install a webcam cover now. Simple use your webcam cover with just a few steps. Just remove double sided tape tabs, position over the webcam then press firmly for a few seconds. Once installed, simply slide to the left to close or slide to the right to open. It comes with new overall full colour printing options, which is the best printing method for your brand. Custom card is also available. product_item_size : 33*13*2mm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:5000pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : white|black. freight_description : G/N Weight:13kgs Meas:41x27x37cm Packing:5000pcs/ctn.

Magnetic dash phone holder

Secure your phone, and your branding, with our premium magnetic dash phone holder. Never have your phone slip off your car dash again, with the most high quality, stylish, customisable magnetic phone holder on the market. Simply stick the 0.5mm disc onto the back of your phone, and the holder onto your car dash or any other surface. Both the disc, and phone holder face, are customisable with beautiful full colour print designs. Available in a range of premium colours, and custom packaging for quantities over 1000 units. product_item_size : 40*40*50MM. product_packaging_inner : Packing:100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : red|black|pink|purple|silver|gold. freight_description : G/N Weight:11kgs Meas:55x35x20cm Packing:100pcs/ctn.

Snap On iPhone 4/5 PU Leather Case

Stop having to gasp every time you drop your phone. Our snap on iPhone PU leather case comes with a front flap to protect your screen. The durable leather keeps your device safe from scratches on the back, and the front keeps your screen from cracking. A magnetic clasp on top keeps everything closed when not in use. Available in nine different colors. Fits iPhone models 5s, 6, and 6s. product_materials : Pu leather. freight_description : G/N Weight:27kgs Meas:55x45x55cm Packing:370pcs/ctn.

Poly Classic Plastic Iphone Case

Keep your phone protected without losing style. Have any design or logo you want printed on the back of one of our premium poly classic Iphone cases. A coarse matte surface finish provides detail and a high quality feel without being excessive. Available for the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus. product_item_size : iPhone 5: 125*60*9mm iPhone 6: 136*70*7mm iPhone 6 Plus: 157*81*9mm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 9.1kgs Meas.: 42x36x23cm Packing:500pcs/ctn.

Poly Glass Plastic Iphone Case

Keep your phone protected without losing style. Our Poly Glass Plastic Iphone Case can be printed with any logo or design you want. Any color and shape you can think of will be put on the back of the smooth poly case. A hard see through plastic protects your phone while still showing the back. Available for the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus. product_materials : Hard plastic. product_item_size : iPhone 5: 125*60*9mm iPhone 6: 136*70*7mm iPhone 6 Plus: 157*81*9mm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 8/gs Meas.: 42x28x41cm Packing:500pcs/ctn.

Selfie Stick

Finally be able to always get the perfect picture. Our selfie stick features an anti displacement pipe that keeps your phone at the length you choose. Just hit the button on the grip to snap your selfie. No bluetooth set up or remote is needed. Plugs right into headphone jack and features a full stretched length of 80cm. Compatible with most smartphones. product_materials : ABS. product_item_size : 24*4.5*3cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/bubble,50pcs/inner box,100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White. decoration_areas : 1*5cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:17/16kgs Meas:58.5x53x20cm Packing:1pc/bubble,50pcs/inner box,100pcs/ctn.

360 Magnetic Phone Stand

Use your phone hands free. Our easy to use magnetic phone stand sticks right onto your device. Just put your phone up to the magnetic chip and it'll snap right onto the ball. 360 degree turning capabilities mean you don't have to worry about it getting stuck. Perfect for your desk and car. product_materials : Metal/Magnet. product_item_size : 37mm x 33mm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Blue| Yellow. Red| Black. decoration_areas : 23mm dia. freight_description : G/N Weight:10kgs Meas:40x35x30cm Packing:100pcs/ctn.

Pop Phone holder

The Pop Phone Holder is an expanding phone grip and stand that attaches to most phones, tablets, and cases. "Pop" whenever you need a grip, a stand, storage for cords, or just something to play with. To remove your Pop holder, simply pull slowly on the base. You can reposition and reattach time and time again. It is suitable for most of your devices and cases. Optional car holder clip available to attach it easily to your car dashboard for even more pop functionality. Full colour print, and custom packaging also available. product_item_size : Folding Size: 40mmx40mmx7mm Unfolding size: 40mmx40mmx14mm . product_packaging_inner : Packing:1200pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White|black. freight_description : G/N Weight:10kgs Meas:44x43.5x30cm Packing:1200pcs/ctn.

Car holder clip

Phone stand car clip holder. product_item_size : 50mmX45mm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1200pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White|black. freight_description : G/N Weight:10kgs Meas:44x43.5x30cm Packing:1200pcs/ctn.

PVC Pop Phone Holder

Make your branding pop even more with our upgraded pop holder. The top-selling phone accessory on the market! The Pop Phone Holder is an expanding phone grip and stand that attaches to most phones, tablets, and cases. "Pop" whenever you need a grip, a stand, storage for cords, or just something to play with. It comes in various shapes and several different print methods. This upgraded pop phone holder is a great promotional gift, which can be highly customized to fit your brand and expose your branding every day with the phone. . product_item_size : Unfolding Size: Dia.36 * 22H mm Folding Size: Dia.36 *7.5H mm. product_packaging_inner : Packaging: 1pc/ Opp bag, 500pcs/ctn . colours_available_supplier : Black| White. decoration_areas : Max 50*50 mm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 12kg/11kg Means: 48*45*35cm Packaging: 1pc/ Opp bag, 500pcs/ctn .

Silicone Shield Iphone Case

Our Silicone shield iPhone Case features two layers of protection to save your phone from even the worst drops. The outside surface is made of a hard plastic that can be printed with your designs and logos in any color you want. The inside is a soft silicone that cushions your device. Available for the iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus. product_materials : Hard Plastic & Silicone. product_item_size : iPhone 5: 125*60*9mm iPhone 6: 136*70*7mm iPhone 6 Plus: 157*81*9mm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 10.5kgs Meas.: 46x39x23cm Packing:400pcs/ctn.

Double Wall iPhone Holder

Finally: an iPhone stand that actually works. Our double wall design keeps your phone locked in from two positions. Your device will be secure and charging no matter how tired you are when you put it in. Perfect for your desk or nightstand. Have your company logo or name printed across the entire front. product_materials : PS. product_item_size : 5.5x5.8x5cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/ white box, 50pcs/inner box,100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black|White. decoration_areas : Imprint Area: 3x1.3cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:5.5/4.5kgs Meas:32x28x30cm Packing:1pc/ white box, 50pcs/inner box,100pcs/ctn.

Simple Mobile Holder

A no hassle holder, just lean your device up to the stand and you'll be ready to go. Type or stream videos without having to clutch your phone the entire time. A textured anti slip mat keeps your device secure while still giving you easy access to the entire screen. Have your name or logo printed right below the front mat. product_materials : ABS. product_item_size : 12x6x1.2cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing: 1pc/bubble bag, 50pcs/inner box,400pcs/ctn: Meas.: 31.5x30x51.5cm. colours_available_supplier : Blue|Red|Green|Black. decoration_areas : Imprint Area: 1.5x4cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 17.5/16kgs Meas: 40x33.5x37.5cm Packing: 1pc/bubble bag, 50pcs/inner box,400pcs/ctn.

Square OTG

Never run out of phone storage again with our OTG Flash Drive! Simply plug it into your phone, and transfer files in and out, just like a regular USB. OTG (On The Go) USBs are the lastest USB standard that allow you to seamlessly transfer files to and from your mobile device, just like you would a regular USB with your PC or laptop. product_item_size : 52X31X8mm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:100pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : black|silver . freight_description : G/N Weight:5kgs Meas:38x28x20cm Packing:100pcs/ctn.

Mobile Pouch

The mobile pouch is currently one of the most popular promotional giveaways in the market, because of the rise of smart phones. This item is a very versatile giveaway, which can be used by companies in almost any industry. It is a very effective way to protect your mobile phone, and display your brand prominently as well. product_item_size : 8.2x13.2cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/PVC bag,50pcs/inner box,500pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Blue|Green. decoration_areas : 5x4cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:15.3/14.3 Meas.:53x21x37cm Packing:1pc/PVC bag,50pcs/inner box,500pcs/ctn.

Mobile Stand With Screen Cleaner

The mobile stand with screen cleaner is a customizable promotional item that packs in two products in one! This phone accessory is customizable with your company logo and details. product_item_size : 5.4x7x1.5cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/polybag,50pcs/inner box,400pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Red| Blue. decoration_areas : 3.2x2cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:15.5/14 Meas.:38x34x32cm Packing:1pc/polybag,50pcs/inner box,400pcs/ctn.

Magnetic Phone Holder

The magnetic phone holder is a cool promotional item that attaches your phone to your car's A/C vent without any wires. It's a great phone accessory, customizable with your company logo and details. product_item_size : 4.5x3.5cm. product_packaging_inner : Packing:1pc/box,200pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : Black. decoration_areas : Dia.2.2cm. freight_description : G/N Weight:13/12 Meas.:52x34x39cm Packing:1pc/box,200pcs/ctn.

Mobile Phone Chair

Plastic mobile phone holder. Supplied in white box. Product Dimensions: 55mm(w) x 90mm(h) Maximum Print Size: 40mm(w) x 18mm(h)

Assist Rising Mobile Phone Holder with L

Mobile phone holder that rises automatically and flashes when the phone rings

New 3 In 1 Charging Cable

Finally have one cable for all your devices. You won't have to worry about leaving the right one at home, or switching them out when you are driving. Our 3 in 1 Charging cable fits the new IOS port, the iPhone 4, and a Micro USB for your Android devices. An extending cable features our ??pull back?? function to never get stuck. product_materials : ABS. product_item_size : 11x4x1.3cm. product_packaging_inner : 1pc/PVC bag,100pcs/inner box,400pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White. decoration_areas : Imprint Area: dia.1.7cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 9kgs Meas:39x29x30cm Packing:400pcs/ctn.

Earbuds in Square Case

Be able to give your earbuds in a stylish case. Instead of coming in a plastic bag or a cheap container, our earbuds in square case are sold in a premium case. Inspired by high tech, they arrive wrapped round the inside of the square container. Have your company name or logo printed on the entire case. product_materials : PS. product_item_size : ?6.3x6.3x1.7cm. product_packaging_inner : 1pc/polybag, 50pcs/inner box, 300pcs/ctn. colours_available_supplier : White|Red|Blue. decoration_areas : 4x4cm. freight_description : G/N Weight: 11.5kgs Meas:36x30x32cm Packing:300pcs/ctn.

Silicone Phone Wallet

Soft touch silicone wallet which adheres securely to the back of a phone or phone case with strong 3M adhesive that won't leave marks if it is removed. It is Ideal for holding a driver's licence, ID, hotel key, credit card or business cards. Colours: White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black. Dimension: L 85mm x W 56mm x 3mm. Print Description: 40mm x 40mm (one colour). Print Type: Screen Print. Packing: Loose packed.

Soft Touch Phone Cover Series

Series of soft touch plastic smart phone covers. All models can be ordered together and only one setup charge will apply to each order. Covers for smart phones not currently in stock may be available on indent and the series will be updated as new models become available. The models currently available ex-stock are Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Mini, Galaxy 6, Galaxy 6 Edge, Galaxy 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. Colours: White, Black. Dimension: Dimensions are variable. Print Description: Please refer to template. Print Type: Sublimation Print. Packing: Loose packed. Setup charges only apply once regardless to the number of different phone case models chosen.